Krsna KalkiEdit

Let's discuss the terms of spirituality, the difference between joy and excess. The Tenth Avatar Of Vishnu is at hand, while thousands claim to be Him. Thank God! They will find out in eternity, that they were in fact Kalki. We shall all bring Shambhala back to it's former glory and mankind shall flourish here on earth forever and ever. Worlds DO become glorified! We are clearly beginning to see this, while Immortals surround us with manifold blessings and mysteries.

The Wholesome TruthEdit

We seek to reflect lifestyles of sharing health and wholesome foods, as well as healthy intentions in every aspect of life. Those who are new to the spiritual path should ever seek to get closer to the lord. There is no reason to think that spirituality is not real for the less intelligent. Spirituality is for everyone; and we are all relishing it on one level or another. We should make a religion of 13 The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth as instructed by The Master Of Wisdom Himself!!!

Latest activityEdit

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